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15in XJ Kent15in XJ Teardrop16in S Type Spirit16in X Type X-1016in XJ 20 Spoke16in XJ 5 Spoke16in XJ Dimple16in XJ Kiwi16in XJ Speedline17in S Type Herakles17in S Type Sport 17in X Type Andros17in X Type Barbados17in X Type Belize17in X Type Bermuda17in X Type Sport 17in X Type Triple 517in X Type X-7 Flute17in XJ Celtic17in XJR Sport17in XK / XJ Lamina17in XK Gemini17in XK Revolver

18in F-Pace Vortex18in New XJ Manra18in New XJ Meru18in S Type Mercury18in S Type Monaco BBS18in S Type R Vulcan18in S Type R Zeus18in S Type Triton18in X/S Type Indianapolis BBS18in X/S Type Melbourne BBS18in X/S Type Proteus18in X/S Type Valencia BBS18in X Type Aruba18in X Type Aruba Performance18in XE Arm18in XE Matrix18in XE Star18in XE Templar18in XF / F Type Vela18in XF / XK Venus18in XF Cygnus18in XF Helix18in XF Lyra18in XF Manra

18in XJ / XK Milan BBS 18in XJ Luxury18in XJ Rapier18in XJR Asteroid18in XJR Penta18in XK Aris18in XK Centaur18in XK Double 518in XK Hydra18in XK Impeller18in XK Sport19in F Type Centrifuge19in F Type Orbit19in F Type Volution19in F-Pace Bionic19in F-Pace Fan19in F-Pace Razor19in New XJ Aleutian19in New XJ Toba19in New XK / XF Caravela19in New XK / XF Tamana19in New XK Sabre19in S Type Barcelona BBS

18, 19 & 20in replacement polished stainless trims for BBS wheels

19in XE Radiance19in XE Star19in XE Venom 19in XF Artura19in XF Auriga19in XF Carelia19in XJ Custom19in XJ Polaris19in XJR Performance19in XJR100 Montreal BBS19in XK Apollo19in XK Atlas20in F Type Blade Carbon 20in F Type Coriolis20in F Type Cyclone 20in F Type Rotor20in F-Pace Blade20in F-Pace Matrix20in F-Pace Venom20in New XJ R Farallon20in New XJ Kasuga20in New XJ Matavia20in New XJ Orona20in New XJ Takoba

Sample of our latest stock - PLEASE NOTE our stock changes on a daily basis and this is not comprehensive of our stock, so if it is not shown here then please ask

20in New XK Cremona20in New XK Kalimnos20in New XK Nevis20in New XK Selena20in New XK Senta20in New XK Takoba20in XE Propeller20in XF Draco20in XF Hydra20in XF Kalimnos20in XF Matrix20in XF Nevis20in XF Selena20in XF Senta20in XF Volan20in XJ Callisto 20in XJ Cremona20in XJ Sepang BBS20in XK Detroit BBS20in XK Montreal BBS20in XK Paris BBS20in XK Perseus BBS20in XK Sepang BBS

22in F-Pace Double Helix22in F-Pace Turbine

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